Structural Defects

All buildings that are constructed with a cavity should have wall ties. These wall ties hold the external and internal walls together. If there is an inefficient amount of ties this could cause the wall to become unsafe and could even collapse.

In older properties cavity “Dovetail” ties may have been used. These are made from steel and when steel comes into contact with moisture they, like most metals can corrode. This corrosion can expand the dovetail ties over double its original size.

This expansion can cause horizontal cracking along the external wall which can then allow water to ingress into your property. This can then lead to much more problems in the way of fungi attack.

The only effective solution to this is to replace the tie with a mechanical tie and isolate the old defective ties.

Tywi Damp Proofing have been replacing Wall Ties for over 15 years. We can isolate the defective ties and install either Brass or Nonprime Mechanical Ties and create a void for the ties to continue to expand without affecting the structure of the wall. We can work with your builder throughout the whole process.

Tywi Damp Proofing can also Stitch vertical cracks. We use stainless steel heli bars to stitch cracks in a wall which are anchored with a two part resin.

All works could be covered, where applicable, with a Manufacture Guarantee.