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Protect your home from the destruction that Dry Rot can cause.

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Dry Rot in Wall

Has my home got Dry Rot?

Dry Rot is the decay of wood, caused by a fungus that eats the parts of the wood that give it it’s strength and stiffness.

It’s generally caused when airborne fungus spores come into contact with damp timber and germinate.

Dry Rot can, as you can see in these pictures, appear in different forms depending on how established it is, but you should watch out for fine & fluffy white cotton wool type substance, arey strands, or rust-coloured fruiting bodies.

If you think you have Dry Rot, it’s best treated immediately as it can spread quickly and cause severe damage to building structures.

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Protect your home from the destruction that Dry Rot can cause.

Tywi Damp Proofing have been solving Dry Rot problems for over 35 years

Based on careful evaluation of your issues, Tywi Damp Proofing will develop a bespoke treatment plan for your home. Our trained technicians will then get to work treating affected areas and repairing or removing structural and decorative timbers.


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